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Created on May 26th 2014 on the occasion of the Second Artists' Archive Day, the association AitArt (Italian Association of Artists' Archives) was officially registered in Milan on December 18th 2015.


The AitArt aims at bringing together all organized right holders of major modern and contemporary artists. It was created by five founding members: Associazione per Filippo de Pisis, Centro Studi Giorgio Morandi, Archivio Cesare Andreoni, Archivio Gallizio, Archivio Opere Ennio Morlotti, Comitato per il Catalogo Generale dell'opera di Bruno Cassinari, Fondazione Remo Bianco and Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci.


The aim of AitArt is to make the artists’ voices heard, while fostering collaboration between public authorities, institutions and the art market in order to protect cultural heritage for future generations, to promote respect for artists and their works, to educate the public and collectors and to defend them against fraud and counterfeiting.


The AitArt promotes and encourages the creation of new Archives and supports the yet existing Archives with researches and studies especially devoted to the preservation of contemporary artworks.


Considering that an Artist's Archive aims also to create a professional expertise able to recognize and verify the authenticity of the work of the artist and to reflect the importance of his/her cultural heritage, AitArt believe that to define a code of practice as a foundation for the management and behaviour of every archive is foundamental and it is intended to be a crucial requirement for its members.

The code of practice ratifies virtuos behaviours in creating and managing the artist's estate, issuing  certificates of authenticity as well as editing the catalogue raisonné and keeping it  updated together with all the artists' documents.


AitArt was born with the idea of underline the importance of the artist's estate in the art world both for its cultural and market-leading role. Moreover AitArt aims to promote a common code, interestes and behaviours to share whitin the artists' estates.

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